Civilization's Wake

Jan 6 - Things are slowly making sense!

970 exp + 150 exp for saving prosecutor [Yolandra]
1020 exp

Rain’s notes: Current xp total – 22,895
(more later)

Nov 4 - Clues Abound!

930 exp

September 30 - Draconic Indigestion

1090 exp

[Mejas’ Notes]
Current XP: 19035
Current Treasure Collection:

  • 4,100 gold
  • 3,400 silver
  • 1,000 copper
  • 2 large emeralds (500 gp each)
  • Smaller ruby (100 gp)
  • 2 topaz (500 gold each)
  • 1 amythest (100 gold)
  • 5 Smelted Mithral Bars (100 gold pieces each)
  • [Total Worth: 7,150 gold (1430 each)]
  • Ebony Statuet of a Minotaur (Jatuk)

Unclaimed Gear:

  • Restful Bedroll
  • Holy Symbol (Silver Flame)
  • Gloves of the Healer
  • Boots of Dancing
  • Gadgeteer’s Goggles
  • Dragonscale [Cloak/Armor] +3 (Needs to be crafted)

Companion Golem

September 23 - Who would mutate a goblin like that?

1020 exp

The end of exotic life, the longest bloodlust, and parenthood.

Party celebrates their record-breaking 7 murder session in a day by relaxing at the local time fuckery coffee pool resort.

On the war front against nature, nature’s 4 newest color coded specimen have been obliterated. Proving once again evolution is dead, and nature should just get out of the way if it didn’t want to be crushed or enslaved.

A new PSA is out this week on sexual education, the party demonstrate the deadly risk of parenthood. If you have kids, you open yourself to the risk of having your kids stolen and having your life cut short by the same psychos who stole your children. Don’t take the risk, choose Abstinence.

Phat Lootz:
1120g in Gems
Boots of Dancing (lvl 11 boot)
Diamond Cincture (lvl 10 waist)

September 16 - Crazed Eladrins and Noxious Fumes!

940 exp

Points of interest:

  • More research papers mentioning Navaree, this time about a ritual involving time to speed up the golem creation. Possible reason for time difference for survivors.
  • JunkPile calms an old woman. He seems to have a way with the fat and the old ladyfolk.
  • A flesh golem and an acid vein golem are decommissioned.
  • A clay golem went bad, and a fourth empty golem tube hints at foreshadowing.
  • Picard the unfriendly lion makes his debut. Many things get mauled.
  • The party gets gassed, and Mejas recovers a circlet from a dead eladrin inside a poisonous dome, along with a bottle of acid located outside the room.
  • We discover a hole and a side room that contains REAL gargoyles. Mejas double-checks their authenticity before they ambush us anyways.
September 9 - Companion Golems and the people that love them

815 exp

Points of Interest:

  • JunkPile discovers his keycard still works on the doors to the Setezz ruin.
  • Rain sneaks a quick headcount of some rather nasty tentacled horrors as well as fire elementals.
  • Vondoro’s attempts at parley with the denizens is mistaken for a sword burst.
  • A number of paths appear before the party, as well as some Bulette eggs. Eggs are taken by Mejas (1), Ely (1), and Vondoro (2).
  • Going north first finds the group in a mostly ruined lab with a small river of liquid fire running through it.
  • Research papers found detailing pulling part of the elemental plane into the lab for collection of stones for reasearch, mentions Navaree and increasing the scale of the project. Possible explination for why the lab disappeared.
  • The party gets their hands on JunkPile’s great great great great great grandfather, who has shrunk down to 2 feet with age!
September 2 - exotic breakfasts and flaming vomit

840 exp

Points of Interest:

  • Ely finally has a taste of unicorn milk.
  • Flaming Eggs from the elemental chaos turn out to be filled entirely with tobasco.
  • Vondoro is convinced the eggs can be weaponized. Unfortunately, his plan goes rotten.
  • Rain attempts parley with a minimum wage mercenary. Only slightly less hostile than a retail worker.
  • Mobile skirmishers vex most of the party while Rain makes a beeline for an earth wizard.
  • Said wizard is eventually subdued and surrenders.
  • When asked nicely about who his employer is, he pleads the deadth.

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