-Gnome receptionist for guild Setezz
-worked as a maid for Professor Leti’s ex-wife, Tamara Von Vara

“Milandra seems to be adjusting quite well as the new receptionist here. She has been very helpful in attending to her duties and has even gone above and beyond what has been asked of her by often helping out with experiments and even dusting the guild vault (under the watchful eyes of our other researchers of course)

She also seems to have amazing athletic ability although she seems very shy about showing them off. I once saw her throw a dagger and hit a spider 50 paces away! It was quite incredible (incredible being a subjective term here as anyone even mildly acquainted with the wonders of Setezz inventiveness would agree that such mundane affairs would only merit a passing mention. It is after all, nothing quite like my extra-chromatic dilation combobulator but I digress)"

Setezz Humanoid Resources Assistant
Ishe Kavalim


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