Physical Description

Rain is an olive skinned human with piercing blue eyes. He seems to palpably project an aura of confidence about his person. He walks with purpose and a graceful gait that makes him almost seem to glide along the ground.

The human is garbed in a long black tunic which is cinched at the waist and split, leaving two broad straps of material resting along the outer sides of his legs down to his knees, with dark brown cloth pants worn underneath. The tunic has no sleeves, and his left arm displays a strange blue tattoo.

Story so far

Rain first crossed paths with the marauding murderers when they posed as a performing troupe in order to win a contest staged by the cultists of Dawn’s Eye. He approached them with information on the cultist’s activities, and asked only to be in their “troupe” to find out what was really going on with the cultists. Although his motivations so far have been unclear, he has proven himself a useful addition to the group both as a social intermediary and a powerful, if not sometimes inaccurate, spellcaster.

Following the subsequent wholesale slaughter of the cultists right up to their vampiress leader, Rain (as well as the rest of the marauders present) experienced a tale of times past that seemed to forewarn of the gigantic demon corpse frozen beneath the layers of ice that undead workers had been excavating. While he expressed some interest in seeing the abomination gone for good, he couldn’t persuade the rest into returning to Dawn’s Eye and ultimately resorted to the next best thing: Freezing the chamber solid along with a good chunk of Dawn’s Eye. Leaving the situation in the hands of Darest and his colleagues, Rain and the marauders decided to head for Eternalis.


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