Encounter Achievements



Go through an entire battle without taking any HP damage.
Mejas – 09/10/10

The Dice are out to get me!

Miss 3 times in a row on a roll of 10 or lower on a 20 sided die.
Mejas – 09/10/10

Double kill!

Kill two enemies in the same turn.
Mejas – 09/10/10
Rain – 09/16/10

Triple kill!

Kill three enemies in the same turn.
Rain – 09/16/10

Not Yet Achieved

Part-time Monk

Defeat an enemy while unarmed.

Part-time Brawler

Defeat an enemy with an improvised weapon.

Drunken Master

Survive an encounter completely drunk.

Tactical Fire

While prone, kill a total of 3 enemies with a ranged attack.

On the ball

Finish a battle of standard challenge for your level in less than an hour.

Talking is a Free Action

sustain a several minute conversation with another player or NPC over the course of a single combat.


Hit 5 enemies with one attack.

Personal Vendetta

Keep a non-minion marked from the start of the battle until it is incapacitated.

Field Medic

Grant a total 5 saving throws and/or second winds using heal checks in battle.

What’d I Miss?

Kill an enemy while unconscious

I roll 20’s

Roll 3 20’s in a single encounter

Bring Out Your Dead

Be the only survivor in an encounter (all allies are unconscious or dead)

It’s just a flesh wound

Roll a 20 on a death saving throw

Why won’t you stand still?!

Dodge 5 successive attacks in an encounter

Why am I still on fire?!

Fail 5 successive saving throws against the same ongoing effect

Encounter Achievements

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