Session Achievements



Destroy or severely damage a landmark.

Froze the town of Dawn’s Eye

Look what I can do!

Fly a distance of 25 feet without the aid of an airship. Rain – 9/9/2010

Not Yet Achieved

Press the red button

uh, press the red button?

Creative application

Effectively use an attack power outside of battle in a creative way.

Too Cautious

Make it across, at minimum, an 8sq x 8sq room without touching the floor.

I am frowning so hard right now

Sleep with someone with less than 10 charisma for personal gain.


Donate a total of 5,000gp to charity.


Using a grapple, rope or vine, swing a distance of 100 feet.

Be like Ryu

Use Acrobatics to perform a wall run over a 15 foot pit.

Be like Mario

Use Athletics to perform a jump over a 25 foot pit.

Reverse pickpocketing

Use thievery to put a non-dangerous item into someone’s pocket/bags without them noticing.


Give someone an idea and convince them they came up with it.

Session Achievements

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